September, 2012

Bannie & Archer , an internationally based company working with globally recognized names to offer specialized range of services has recently acquired sole rights for the representation and distribution of an advanced microbial engineered technology for Africa. This advanced technology is from a unique blend of microorganisms, enzymes, and co-factors that will revolutionize environmental waste management, present newer advanced benefits, provide eco-friendly solutions, and showcase bio-technology for neutralizing and breaking down organic waste matter naturally.

To achieve its role, the Association organized for the company  to assess the hospitality industry and conduct a few demos on odor management, waste water management and organic solid waste management, to showcase the efficacy of their products and offer cost-cutting solutions. The target were the managers, environmental officers and engineers from members establishments at the North and South Coast, who witnessed and participated in a demonstration exercise with the view of obtaining their comments regarding the product and having general awareness of its application.

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