Tourism statistics 2011
February, 2012

The Tourism sector continued to register plausible results with 2011 hitting the 2million mark in terms of cross border arrivals.

The industry experienced a 16% growth in arrivals by air and sea closing at 1,265,136, compared to 2010s 1,095,842. Most tourists who came to Kenya last year indicated Holiday as their main reason for coming to Kenya. 66% of those who were sampled at JKIA said they were here for Holiday while 99% who went through MIAM indicated holiday as their sole reason for being at the coast. Combined, holiday arrivals for JKIA and MIAM have increased by 28% from the previous year.

Top three arrivals for business were South Africa, UK and the US. Holiday arrivals were dominated by the UK, Italy and US while Uganda dominated the conference list followed by UK and Italy. It is expected that the country will continue sourcing for new and emerging markets for the industry to register even more arrivals and revenue.

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