KAHC Human Resource Conference May 2023 | REPORT
May, 2023

Human Resource Conference
Bamburi Beach Hotel - May 2023

Part of the keynote address: Labour rights are contained in Articles 2, 36, and 41 of the constitution of Kenya. 

COTU is currently lobbying for Convention 190 (violence at the places of work) and Convention 189 which focuses on paying the minimum wage paid to domestic workers to be domesticated as part of the law in Kenya. COTU participates in national, regional and international conferences to ensure Kenya aligns its laws, regulations and workers’ rights. It does this by lobbying to ensure that the Labour Board plays its role of ensuring,

i) domestic laws are improved and

ii) public participation takes place.

COTU does this to ensure the country’s labour rights are entrenched, through, for example, the training and development of workers.


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