May, 2012

The 65th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers will be held on Friday, 29th June  2012, at Leisure Lodge Beach Resort, South Coast at 02:00 pm.  Minutes of the previous AGM were sent.  However, the annual report, financial accounts and other documents will be issued as one package during the AGM to all Members on 29th June 2012. 

Members and participants attending the symposium should take note of the following important details:

Being an election year, only fully paid up KAHC Members in subscriptions are eligible to participate in voting during the Annual General Meeting.  Those in doubt about their subscriptions status should Kindly confirm your membership status with the secretariat.

           bNominations for Vacant positions 

 At the Annual General Meeting, the positions of National Chairman and Vice Chairman will be vacant.  Nominations should reach the Secretariat by 20th June 2012. Please note once again as per the constitution all nominated candidates must be fully paid up members. 

           c. Any other Business during the AGM

Any member who wishes to bring up for discussion any matter during the AGM is required to give a written notice, sent to the secretariat, at least 7 working days before the day of the AGM. Therefore all such matters must reach the secretariat by 19th  June 2012,  and the matters will be consolidated and sent out to members on expiry of submission deadline.

          dVoting by Proxy

While all members are  encouraged to attend the AGM, those not able to attend but wishing to participate may appoint a Proxy to represent them. The Proxy should be drawn from the KAHC Membership and must be a fully paid up member as well. The proxy form must be sent to the Secretariat, electronically at least 24 hours before the time of holding the elections i.e. must reach us by 1400 hrs on 28th June 2012. 

         eOther Activities

Besides the AGM, there is the 10th Annual Investors’ Symposium and the Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  This year’s theme for the Annual Investors’ Symposium is “Tourism, Leading Towards Vision 2030”.  Other events lined up are the Welcome Reception and the Gala Dinner to be held on 28th and 29th June 2012 respectively and the Charity Golf Tournament scheduled for 30th June 2012.

        f.  Transport & Accommodation

All members and industry stakeholders will cater for their own transport arrangements to and from the venue while the secretariat will make suitable arrangements for accommodation. 

Confirmations for attendance of the symposium should be sent to the secretariat by Wednesday 20th June.

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