KAHC SYMPOSIUM REPORT 2019: Tourism Rebranding for Performance
October, 2019

The 17th Annual KAHC Symposium was held from 4th – 5th July 2019 at the Neptune Paradise Resort & Spa in Kwale County.  Themed “Tourism rebranding for enhanced performance” the Symposium was attended by participants from the private and public sector, all of whom are stakeholders in the hospitality industry.

Several sessions ensued in the one-and-a-half-day Symposium, that saw various players in the tourism industry make presentations around the following key areas,

  1. approaches being used to promote tourism in the country,
  2. security certifications of hotels,
  3. the fight against corruption,
  4. regulations in the tourism sector,
  5. talks on constructive dismissal and alternative dispute resolution (ADR),
  6. environmental protection initiatives being undertake by Dasani,
  7. health and wellness (physical and mental), vii) approaches being carried out towards rebranding of Kenya as a tourism destination.

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