Treetops Hotel 80th Annivesary and Relaunch
April, 2012


As part of the celebrations to mark  Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee, ASH and KWS have partnered in the re- afforestation of Aberdare National Park. It should be remembered that it was at the famous Treetops Hotel that the young princess had checked in on holiday and came out as Queen following the death of  her father King George VI. On 13th November 1983 during her Golden Jubilee Celebration, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth returned to Treetops and noticed the retreat of the forest.  Aberdare Safari Hotels initiated “ Return the Bush” program with a vision to rehabilitate 125 Ha around the Salient area of Aberdare National Park including 10 Ha around the Lodge.  A 40Ha Jubilee Forest is planned with a 4km long fence and 44,000 tree capacity.

Treetops Hotel has undergone refurbishment and has upgraded its facilities to 5 Star status.  The new hotel was officially opened on 28th April by the Hon. Cecily Mbarire, assistant Minister for tourism.

We take this opportunity to congratulate ASH on the refurbishment as this adds to the variety of the products offered by Kenya as a quality tourist destination.

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