June, 2015

Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Champions programme was launched a year ago as collaboration with the Tourism industry on health & safety initiatives to support hoteliers and other stakeholders to make changes and improvements in health safety management standards and processes in their premises for the benefit of tourists and staff alike.

As part of the commitment to the programme, an annual review of the progress will  be conducted for the next 5 years to establish how each of the Champions have incorporated the programme in the industry.

The Association has two champions, Leah Ng’ang’a, and Sam Ikwaye who will be carrying out training and activities aimed at improving food hygiene standards in line with HACCP principles in members establishments as well as training on risk management.


So far the Association has collaborated with the Tourism  Regulatory Authority, who have incorporated  Food Safety and HACCP as part of their pre-classification of hotels training. The training has been conducted in Mt. Kenya, Rift Valley, Upper Eastern , Nyanza and Western regions. We have been able to train over 500 hoteliers, and will be carrying out more trainings in the coming months. 

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