September, 2014

The Association was invited to a site visit at the Oltukai Lodge to participate in the assessing of the The ILO’s Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises programme.  SCORE is a project that aims to improve productivity and quality among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by building good workplace practices.

The programme was initiated in Kenya by KUONI, to be applied in some of the KAHC member hotels that receive guests from the tour firm.

The overall objective of the programme is to assist SMEs in becoming more sustainable through being cleaner, more sustainable and decent employment.

SCORE has been done in various countries namely:

a)    Ghana- Food processing tourism,

b)    India- light engineering,

c)    China-automotive, textiles and electronics ,

d)    In South Africa, it is specific to tourism.

SCORE has 5 training modules namely:-

·         Module1: Workplace cooperation – the foundation for business success.

·         Module2: Quality–Managing         continuous    improvement

·         Module3: Productivity through cleaner production

·         Module 4: Workforce management for cooperation and business success

·         Module 5: Safety and health at work – A platform for productivity

Oltukai has adopted Module 1, and through this they have been able to:

·         Reduce production costs

·         Increase  sales

·         Save energy.

·         Enhance employee and management co-operation at the work place.

Following the success witnessed during the visit, the Association will be exploring the possibility of adopting the SCORE program in collaboration with ILO for its members.

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