August, 2014

The cultural festival took place on 21st to the 24th August 2014 at Mama Ngina Grounds, Makadara grounds, Swahili Centre and Fort Jesus.

The four day event was geared towards driving a facelift of Mombasa as a leading Tourism destination within the East African Region.

Representatives of KAHC, KATO and County had been sitting in the organizing committee of this event for the past four months with direct interaction with the Governor and Mombasa Tourism Executive.

The two main objectives of the festival were:

  1. To celebrate cultural diversity and to demonstrate cohesiveness of the nearly 42 tribes of Kenya who live in this county.
  2. To rebrand the County as preferred business hub, a lead port city within the region and a preferred tourism destination.

The tourist destination had lost face and it required a lot of positive energy to resuscitate it back to its glory. The impact was directly on our trade and trade relations both locally and abroad and our role in this year's festival was to establish a better image for this destination.

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