July, 2014

Please take note of clause 21 (v) of the C.B.A. which states:-

 “A deduction equal to 0.5% of all service charge revenue so collected shall  be paid to an account to be operated by the Secretary General of the union,  the Chairperson of the Association, the Chairman J.I.C Nairobi and Chairman C.D.C. to facilitate operation of both bodies and the members education as per annual budget. The balance shall be disbursed as below: A deduction of 10% will be retained by the employer from service charge collection for administrative purposes. The balance of 90% being distributed as per sub-clause (ii) above.”

As you may be aware, the clause was established to cater for; Education seminars ,Job evaluation, and JIC/ CDC efficiency.

The clause has been beneficial in educating our people and so far over 500 HR managers and Shop stewards have been trained from this kitty.

This being a clause embedded in the C.B.A. failure to remit the deduction should lead to legal action.

In this regard, we thank all the members who have been remitting the deductions diligently and kindly request those members who are not adhering to this clause to kindly begin deduction to avoid any legal action.

All the details are as follows; KAHC-JIC Account, EQUITY BANK  Mombasa Rd. Branch, Acc. No. 108029615771, Swift Code: EQBLKENA.

As part of the audit for this account, the management committee responsible for overseeing its operations has mandated its officials to visit members to inspect the deduction and remittance records of this charge. You are hereby requested to offer them necessary support when they visit your establishments.

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