Association of British Travel Agents.
March, 2014

Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Britain’s leading travel association collaborated with KTF and KTB on health & safety initiatives to support hoteliers and other stakeholders in the Kenya to make changes and improvements to their health safety management standards and processes at their premises for the benefit of tourists and staff alike. As part of this ongoing commitment to collectively tackle health & safety, ABTA will collaborate on a long term training and development programme to be imbedded into Kenya which will have longevity and offer a sustainable approach to the situation.

The ABTA Champions programme took place from the 29th March to 2rd April in Nairobi and involved 12 people selected by the Tourism Associations, among them two from KAHC- Leah Ng’ang’a, and Sam Ikwaye, who will in turn become candidates to work in collaboration with ABTA as health & safety champions in Kenya.  

ABTA funded the selected candidates to participate in an intensive CIEH (Charted Institute of Environmental Health) certified training programme. The training covered, HACCP, Food hygiene and risk assessment in Hospitality facilities.

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