Northern Rangeland Trust stakeholders forum
March, 2014

The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) is a community-­led initiative, registered in 2004, whose members represent politically and socially marginalized pastoralist communities of northern Kenya, who are predominantly dependent on a purely livestock-­based livelihood system. NRT was established by communities and other stakeholders involved in biodiversity conservation in northern Kenya, recognising a need for an umbrella organisation that would assist communities to use biodiversity conservation and improved environmental management as a means of improving and diversifying livelihoods. realizing that many of these issues are best managed by local communities living with wildlife and at one with Nature.

NRT organized a stakeholders forum with players in the Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo springs area , local leaders and Government officials to map the way forward on matters relating to security and conservation within the region

Among those in attendance were the CS.Sports & Culture, Dr. Wario Guyo, P.S Environment Mr. Richard Lesiyampe, KAHC CEO and KAHC Chairperson.

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