February, 2014

The Association led by the C.E.O, the Board represented by Mr. Mark Gathuri and members of the KAHC Finance Committee had an opportunity to meet with the KRA Commissioner in charge of Investigations and Compliance, Mr. George Muia and his team on the new generation excise stamps.

The issues of concern to KAHC were:

1.    The need for partnership between KAHC and KRA in implementing the checks

2.    The lack of validating machines

3.    Defective machines which in some instances  could not detect whether the stamps were fake or genuine

4.    How to effect compliance on slow moving drinks.

5.    What to look for in the new stamps, how to detect a fake or genuine stamp

6.    Who takes responsibility for buying the gadget required for the checks

The both parties agreed on the following way forward:

1.    To have separate sensitization forums for KAHC membership. Two sessions would be conducted in Nairobi and Coast. The team agreed to rope in their respective suppliers in the training, to enable them be on the same page.

2.    KRA stated that the cases would be handled on case by case as the offences were different; some KAHC members had fake stamps, while others had no stamp and others had the old stamps. The remaining cases would be forwarded to Caxton Ngeywo, Ag. Chief Manager, Market Surveillance OperationsInvestigations Department, to handle and those affected should visit his office for guidance.

3.    Members of KAHC were requested to know their suppliers, and maintain genuine suppliers registered by KRA

4.    A gadget had been procured by KRA which would assist in validating the authenticity of excise stamps. The gadgets had been imported and were expected in the course of the month. This gadget would be given out to the concerned parties which include KAHC membership, for free.

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