January, 2014

KAHC was represented at this meeting facilitated by the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce, where it was agreed as follows:

  • That the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mombasa County, writes to the Mombasa County Governor requesting that he suspends the implementation of the Mombasa County Finance Act 2013 as they pursue dialogue.
  • That the process be kept from politics as much as possible and dialogue be sought first.
  • That if a response to our request is not received within seven days (7) we proceed and get a court injunction compelling the County Government from implementing the Finance Act 2013
  • That the Chamber of Commerce should deal directly with the Governor because of the magnitude of this matter and request for an audience to seek solutions to this matter and have a structured engagement with the county officials as soon as possible.
  • That a committee of volunteer professional be constituted that will spear head this process of dialogue and expedite as quick as possible.
  • That the increment and rates should not be more than 20% of the previous rates. The business community was ready to a gradual increment of 20% per year for the next 5 year so that the 100% increase is achieved as earlier proposed.

On 31st January 2014, a letter was done to the Governor requesting him that in the spirit of devolution and full stakeholder’s participation, he suspends with immediate effect the implementation of the Finance Act 2013, so as to give the business community and other stakeholders an opportunity to present their views and counter proposals. They proposed that the business community continues paying the old rates until the negotiations are concluded.

In the letter, they also assured him that we are not against the county Government raising revenue as a matter of fact, they support, but they request that he hears the cry of the people of Mombasa County and especially the Mombasa Business Community who will be adversely affected by the implementation of this Act.

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