January, 2014

The Regional Chairman Mr.Harald Kampa chaired the meeting where the following resolutions were made after fourteen insecurity incidences in South Coast;

  • Rotating road blocks to be implemented immediately
  • The draft bill on motorbikes to be formulated by the county and passed into law in 3 months time
  • Draft bill on the Beach Management to be sent to the County Secretary to be debated and discussed for passing into law after one month –committee to be set up to work on this.
  • New licensing regulations to take effect after the finance bill is passed and this will govern the operations of Bars & Night Clubs
  • CCTV to be installed in all hotels, the VHF radio communication system to be revived, quotations to be sought by Mr. Gachui -Manager Diani Sea Lodge
  • Get mobile phones quotations to be able to form the Skype group and set up an alert communication system
  • Quotations for a pick up and saloon car to be sought by Sam Ikwaye

·        Police patrols at the beach to be implemented immediately. South Coast Security Committee Chairman Mr. Otieno to liaise with the OCS and come up with a plan of action. Hotels will be notified of the logistics they need to provide on a rotational basis.

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