April, 2013

The Coast Secretariat attended a workshop organized by KUONI to meet with partners and stakeholders in the area to update them on the Kuoni Water Champion Program.

As part of Kuoni’s aim to systematically integrate the issue of freshwater management into its operations and supply chain, they have conducted a water management project in Kenya with the goal to analyze and improve their hotel partners' actions on environmental care, particularly on water saving.

Kuoni aims to ensure adequate access to precious water resources for all people at water-scarce destinations where conflicts arise between the requirements of the tourist sector and the needs of the local population. Therefore Kuoni integrates the issue of freshwater management into its operations and has carried out a Water Management Project (WMP) in Kenya to implement efficient water management systems in collaboration with key hotel partners.

One outcome of the project has been the development of the Kuoni Water Champion Award, which suppliers can achieve by implementing a sustainable water management system in their hotels and which can then be used for all customer communication.  


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