April, 2013

Immigration issues are a major concern in the tourism industry with the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011 containing onerous obligations on employers or sponsors of foreign nationals entering the country to seek employment.

These have been reinforced by the recently published Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations, 2012. The legislation has also empowered immigration officials to monitor compliance with immigration laws. There was urgent need for all employers or sponsors of foreign nationals to familiarise themselves with the relevant provisions and ensure compliance with the legislation, as they are very hefty penalties provided for violations.

PwC, having a fully-fledged immigration department that assists companies to comply with the immigration legislation, including assistance in making applications for work permits or requisite passes, in conjunction with KTF held a workshop for members of the KTF Associations to further expound on the immigration legislative framework and create awareness on requirements.

The KAHC Secretariat was represented by the CEO and National Chairman at the forum, whose objective was to:-
1. Highlight key immigration legislative provisions & how they affect KTF  organisations;
2.  Share experiences on common challenges affecting KTF member organisations;
3.  Highlight common mistakes and tools used to manage an efficient application process; and
4. Explore ways on how PwC can help the industry players.

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