March, 2013

The Association was a guest at an event by Music Copyright Society of Kenya, where they officially launched a new alternative licensing regime that will see the provision of ready packaged music to particular establishments and audiences that will further boost the society’s revenues.

This is due to a partnership between Triple ‘P’ Media, Homeboyz and Roma Agency. Revenue share agreements will then be entered between MCSK, the radio and television frequency holder, the content/music provision management and the establishment and or public service vehicles (through their Saccos).

The content provided for the project will vary depending on the various needs and tastes in society including music mixes, comedy, news highlights, short form documentaries, short films, entertainment news and sports highlights.

Many of the users of music in public places have already expressed interest in the project. With the launch of the new licensing regime, MCSK will be able to reduce the operational and logistical costs of collecting revenues. This licensing regime will apply to places that relay or broadcast music.

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