February, 2013

KAHC was represented in this initiative which was hosted by the African Institute for Health and Development Project on 19th February at Mombasa Sports Club.

The meeting was to seek for partnership on an innovative project being implemented in Mombasa by the African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD) and the City Council of Mombasa in partnership with other organizations who have a keen interest in transforming Mombasa into a livable city.

The main objectives of the meeting was to bring on board the identified partners who are ready to partner in implementing the Mombasa Living City project and keep their heads together to come up with ways in which the project will be implemented. The Objectives of the Project are to develop strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations to create sustainable measures to improve the:

            (a) Health conditions of Mombasa residents and visitors (both local and foreign);

(b) People’s access to the City’s benefits (employment, recreation, education);

(c) Quality of public spaces;

(d) Public health outcomes;

(e) Improved living standards of the city population and its environs.