December, 2012

Private sector business leaders under the umbrella of KEPSA together with the Diplomatic Community led by the Danish Embassy met with officials from the different Government arms of internal security spearheaded by Ag. PS Ministry of Internal Security and Provincial Administration at the Stanley hotel on November 12, 2012.

The aim of the meeting was to find ways in which these parties can engage to ensure that businesses and the country is free of violence ahead of the March 2013 General Elections.

 The meeting agreed of the following as part of the way forward:

• Tackle the root causes of insecurity; poverty and unequal distribution of resources especially through the National Budgeting process.

• The Police to share intelligence reports with the private sector and the diplomatic community on where they need help but also what private sector and diplomatic community can do to enhance security.

• The private sector and Diplomatic community to feed and assist the police during the period of election at least for a month.

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